What does the future hold for capacity management?

Álvaro Santamaría, ITRS Spain, Data Scientist
14 Nov 2017


Capacity Planning has been a hot bed for technical developments in the past decade. As products like our Insights Capacity Planner begin to integrate things like Machine Learning algorithms into scenario modelling and such, it is interesting to speculate as to where the technology set as a whole could end up.

Capacity planning

Defining & Distilling Capacity Management

Álvaro Santamaría, ITRS Spain, Data Scientist
27 Sep 2017

An answer to infrastructure questions

Do we buy more memory? When do we buy it? How long can we keep this resource at a high-utilization state? Usually all these questions are solved by heavy assumptions that can lead us to be on the safe-side, over-provisioning and trying to keep all our infrastructure components under the thresholds which we consider risky. Capacity Management exists to stop that.

What is "Capacity Management" in IT?

The main objective of Capacity Management is to "avoid waste".