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Kdb+ database monitoring with Geneos

Moshrul Hussain, ITRS Group, Senior Professional Services Consultant
31 May 2017

I recently worked on a project in which a client wanted to monitor data within a Kdb+ database using Geneos. Below I have shared some information about Kdb+ and, perhaps more importantly, how I went about this task.

A bit about Kdb+

Kdb+ is an in-memory, column-oriented database based on the concept of ordered lists. In-memory means it primarily stores its data in RAM. Column oriented database means that each column of data is stored sequentially in memory, making it extremely quick at aggregate queries (sum, average, min, max, etc.).

Monitoring dashboard | ITRS

Monitoring the monitoring

Rohan Vartak, ITRS Group, Senior Consultant
24 May 2017

In financial services, especially stock exchanges, banks, brokers and clearing houses, the availability & performance of business services plays a key role in the reputation of their platforms and, hence, retaining and winning clients.

Symphony | ITRS

Integrating Geneos with Slack & Symphony

Enmanuel Payano, ITRS America, Client Services Analyst
10 May 2017

A client of ITRS wanted Geneos to send alerts and useful messages into Symphony, a chat tool, for their support team and clientele; we're in an age where instant messaging software is becoming more intuitive than email. These messages would include server status, alerts, or updates.

For learning how to attempt this Symphony integration, I thought "Slack", a tool we use at ITRS, would prove an interesting system to integrate and test with. I have made all the scripts used available here