Monitoring Docker with Geneos

Cliff Krimmel, ITRS America, Head of Pre-Sales NAM & EMEA
05 May 2017

Docker is the popular open platform that makes the task of creating, deploying, and running your applications inside containers easier to do. Containers are a form of operating system level virtualization that allow you to run an application and dependencies together in a small package. Containers themselves have been around for a number of years in various forms and the availability of the Docker framework has made this technology much more accessible and useable.

Hello Resources, ITRS America, Product Manager
05 May 2017

If you have worked with the Geneos framework for as long as I have you know that anything is possible. The flexibility present in all three tiers – collection, analysis and visualization - makes for an extremely configurable product. But with that configuration can come confusion and hence the new website and content you see today, which, we hope, will better serve you, our users.