Getting Started with ITRS Insights


Topic last updated for Insights v1.4.0

Welcome to ITRS Insights.!

Insights is a streaming big data analytics platform that simplifies the analysis of vast amounts of data at speed. It combines big data storage with a real-time computation engine and in-built machine learning and algorithms.

Insights enables you to easily run powerful search and queries against your data in real-time or run on historical data. Using an SQL-like language you can perform transformations, queries and analysis on your streams of data. Then, using the built-in charts and tables provided, you can visualise the results.

Insights is comprised two components

  • Insights - a web based UI to enable the end user to easily search and query their data, as well as visualise and annotate the results.
  • Valo - a powerful analytics engine and data store

This Getting Started guide points you in the direction of the key topics you'll need to read or follow in order to set up and use Insights to analyse your data.

Organisational Concepts

Organising Data

User Interface

User Interface Overview

Install and Set-Up

Installation and Licensing User Guide

Import Data

Data Streams and Schema User Guide

Search Data

Insights FREE TEXT Search

Transform Data

Transform Data

Query Data

Insights uses an 'SQL-like' language to be able to query your data: Run a Query

Analyse Data

Insights provides you with a significant number of functions out of the box. These functions can be used within a query to perform complex mathematical and analytical operations on your data. See Query Functions

Visualise Data

Insights provides a number of way of visualising your data and the output of queries on the data, Visualising Results User Guide.

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