Learning how to quickly locate areas of your setup is an essential skill once a setup gets to a reason size, this module will show you the basics of getting around the GSE


12 mins


207.4 How can I locate parts of the setup in which I am interested?

By studying this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Using the search engine
  • Navigating around the GSE
  • Context sensitive help
  • Using the comments' facility in setup


Give it a try


  1. Click on Tools->Search
  2. Enter search criteria of your choosing
  3. Fire off the Search and check the Search Results dockable
  4. Refine the search and check the Search dockable for results
  5. Illustrate the Search dockable

State Tree:

Navigate the State Tree to find items of inters, Snoozed, User Assigned

Context Sensitive Help:

  1. Fire up the GSE
  2. Click on New sampler
  3. Click in one of the entry fields, eg. Group
  4. Right click and bring up context sensitive help
  5. Go to next field and click again bringing up context sensitive help


207.6 How can I see and edit the XML directly?

By studying this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Use display modes
  • Edit XML files
  • Although Geneos can manage the XML files for you, it can sometimes be useful to edit the XML files yourself.  This tutorial shows you how to display the XML files, edit them, and search the files


Give it a try

  1. Fire up the GSE
  2. Click on a NetProbe
  3. Switch to XML display
  4. Edit the XML - add a line of text
  5. Explore the uses of the XML icons
  6. Show the XML in the file system

Exam Guidance

Pay particular attention to using the Search function, adding comments to setups and how and when the XML mode is useful vs the normal mode in the GSE.

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